Fortifying animal feed additives

We are committed to improving the economy in as many areas as possible without neglecting the nuances of business management. In addition, we are also pursuing this approach in the realm of animal feed. Healthy animals are naturally more productive and cost-effective for breeders as compared to their sick counterparts. Their higher quality also goes down well with the consumer and leads to their satisfaction. Doesn’t it make sense to look around in modern husbandry for effective means that can do just that?

We have learned from studies on animal husbandry that Rhamnolipid serves effectively as an organic food additive that helps strengthen animal health. Moreover, it significantly improves the digestive system of animals by increasing the activity of enzymes and other biologically active substances. The end result: optimal utilisation of food and natural muscle growth. That is not all! It also has lasting positive economic impacts: less feed, less veterinary care and a significant reduction in the losses of breeding cattle caused by stress and disease.