from nature - for nature


from nature - for nature





We have an aim: a clean environment, a healthy life for everyone and a future worth living in for the next generations. To achieve this, we make our contribution through application-specific research on biosurfactants.

Make a change through research.

With today’s knowledge, it should be possible to make a positive change to the developments that were geared in the wrong direction at some point. We have been concentrating exactly on this matter for many years since we want to make an active contribution to a sustainable society. We are a company of “white biotechnology” that develops biotechnological methods for the industrial production process by means of living organisms for a greener economy.

We research the production and improvement of effective, purely biological active substances that may substitute, or at least reduce, some of the artificial substances that have an impact on humans and the environment. Through this, the products that contain these substances will be more natural and will be better compatible in the future.

Our expertise: Rhapynal® – a supramolecular complex comprising of rhamnolipids, pyoverdines and alginates. Rhamnolipids constitute the main part of this complex, they also play a major role in the composition of the supramolecular complex. The rhamnolipids are biological surfactants derived from a microbial origin. Rhamnolipids are more effective than synthetic or petrol-based surfactants. Their advantage lays particularly on that fact that they are of natural origin and are 100% biodegradable.

The potential of our Rhapynal® is practically unlimited because they can be used in the most varieties of fields and application areas. Today, we are able to point out a remarkable number of new, innovative and, most of all, ecological solutions.

Our Motivation

Who is not dreaming about making a career out of their belief? We have managed it. “From nature, for nature” is our motto. We want our economic affairs to embrace the awareness of the environment and consumers. Just like every individual, every company has the possibility to change its behaviour. Yet, this does not come automatically. Each company has to convince itself about the other alternatives available; this is what we are setting our leverage on.

Nothing motivates us more than facilitating our partners to successfully shift towards the ecological product philosophy.